Gen-z’s top 4 favourite apps and platforms

Published On : June 17, 2019

Move over millennials, there’s a newer, younger generation in town that grew up with technology more than ever before. Gen-Z is the most tech-centric generation to infiltrate our world, which means not even the likes of Facebook is going to woo them. They are looking for apps that are one step ahead, with less obvious ways of connecting, boasting, sharing content, and chatting with friends.

It’s wise to keep up with these youngsters and learn more about their favourite platforms today. Let’s look at these top 4 favourite apps:

1. TikTok

You’ve probably seen a Tik Tok ad on your Facebook feed. This app lets users make short video clips with a range of effects, similar to Vine. Anyone can go viral with this app, which is what makes it appealing to Gen-Z since they feel they have already missed out on the fame that came with Instagram, YouTube, etc. Users scroll through feeds and can take in wild and off-the-beaten-path content of people dressed up, lip syncing, etc.

2. Twitch

Twitch is a live-streaming video platform for millions to watch and talk about games, like eSports, music events, and so on. The app has 15 million unique daily visitors, but what’s more amazing is that the visitors spend about 95 minutes daily inside the app. That’s how captivating it is to users. Different from YouTube, Twitch let’s people tune into gaming activities and other things that are not “scripted,” but rather, unfolding live.

3. Reddit

Reddit is where anyone can do a deep internet dive and spend hours reading through community pages that offer discussion up on popular topics and niche interests. Users can join communities with similar interests, find answers, and learn more about topics that are otherwise not available on the internet. The app has 542 million monthly visitors and the same amount of monthly active users as Twitter (330 million).

4. Imgur

Imgur is where a user’s favorite images can go viral. This is a place for memes and gifs to shine, which tend to be a popular way for this generation to communicate. Imgur has a massively high engaged user base, particularly among males. In total,74{1eee089170ca331ab0ac354c4a31dea2e504b81558fdaec5c39ce49b6263cfbb} of the users are younger than the age of 35, 17{1eee089170ca331ab0ac354c4a31dea2e504b81558fdaec5c39ce49b6263cfbb} spend 10+ hours per week on the app, and 250 million people are reached per month.

What do all of these apps have in common? Gen-Z is pushing back against the “perfect” and “pretty” content that everyone wants on Facebook and Instagram. Instead, this generation is fascinated with “dark” internet style apps that are kooky, weird, niche, and private. Niche marketing is definitely going to resonate with these kinds of consumers over mass marketing, and with the availability of technology, the niche is only going to intensify.


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