Is Influencer Marketing Safe? The Top Challenges in Managing Influencer Marketing Campaigns Today

Published On : October 8, 2019

We live in a crazy digital world and it’s only growing. Influencer marketing is in full swing, and for all intents and purposes, has proven to pay off in a big way. Of course, with something that is intangible, it’s hard for brands to track the results of influencer marketing, as well as measure the total ROI that needs to be configured if they are to justify the expense in the future.

That’s why so many brands are asking themselves if influencer marketing is safe today. It’s like the wild, wild west out there, and who’s to say what is true and what is false? Let’s look at some of the top challenges in managing these kinds of campaigns right now, as well as how you can fix it.

The Top Challenges in Managing Influencer Marketing Programs.

Tracking Reach: When an influencer posts one photo promoting your product, how can you track the reach? Sure, you can provide them with a discount code that consumers use, but how do you measure additional reach? People view it, react to it, or can share the post to friends, snapshot it, and purchase without using a link.

Measuring ROI: It’s all about return on investment. For the money you put into the campaign, is the revenue justifying the means. Again, you can try and track sales through a discount code, sure, but what about the other sales? ROI is what marketing departments and board members are responsible for, which is why you need proof in data.

Algorithmic Changes: Social platforms are busy changing their algorithm frequently. They are trying to create a system that makes their products more desirable for the biggest number of users. At the end of the day, they are running a business, which is why they are going to make an algorithm that works for them. Keeping up with these engagement changes can be challenging for brands to ensure their influencer is achieving the greatest reach.


Both brands and influencers do not have the time to uncover the nitty-gritty details, analytics, and post reach that is required for this new kind of marketing. That’s why we set out to create a platform that can do it for you. With DIRTY LAUNDRY, you can count on:

Platform Data Tools: We provide a plethora of transparent tools that track all platform engagements and interactions.

Tracking Reporting: Keep all your post reaches and interactions filed for future campaign decisions.

Earned Media Value: Where did the post end up and was it engaging? You need to know what kind of earned media resulted from the campaign.

We provide all of this for brands looking to partner with influencers, digital storyteller and creator in subcultures & niche categories to deliver branded content created by the community and for the community. Get started today.

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