5 examples of why niche marketing is dominating mass marketing today

Published On : June 20, 2019

Thanks to the interconnectedness of technology, smartphones, and social media today, we are able to consume content from people halfway around the world in just seconds. Although this is bringing us closer together and helping us disseminate messages, it also means that the competition is stiff. It’s a worldwide market today, which is why if you want to stand out against the competition, you need to find a niche.

Only this time, we will leverage emerging technology, powerful consumer data, and a localised, fast, short-run, supply-chain, to pursue many niches at once.

Niche marketing is the premise of finding something so unique and niche that you have a very small number of competitors. As opposed to mass marketing that is a catch-all scheme designed to target 30, 40, or 50{1eee089170ca331ab0ac354c4a31dea2e504b81558fdaec5c39ce49b6263cfbb} of consumers, niche marketing homes in on a smaller market, that might be only 5 million people worldwide. But, because the marketing content is so specific towards those people, the payoff is greater since they end up taking action.

Success has moved from Mass Markets to Niche Markets.

What does this look like in practice? Here are 5 brands that understand niche marketing better than anyone.

1. Lefthanded Only, Please:

Lefty’s San Francisco is an office supplies and functional store that is made for people with lefthanded domination. The store sells school supplies, kitchen goods, and other tools that everyday people need to complete chores, tasks, and maintenance safely. Since only about 10{1eee089170ca331ab0ac354c4a31dea2e504b81558fdaec5c39ce49b6263cfbb} of the population is lefthanded, this is a niche marketing scheme that is, as you could have guessed, paying off in a big way.

2. Bonobos:

It’s hard to find pants that fit perfectly, especially if you’re a guy today. Well, Bonobos took that issue to heart and set out to create a custom pant fitting company that measures clients and delivers clothing based on the perfect fit. After earning $1 million in revenue since launching their first e-commerce store, Bonobos introduced a new kind of shopping that is now being adopted by other brands today.

3. Whole Foods:

Whole Foods came in and took a mass marketing concept, like a grocery store, and made it niche by selling only organic food and organic-based products. Acquired by Amazon, more people than ever before are flocking to a place where they can buy produce that is health conscious.

4. Drybar:

Drybar came in and did something amazing in the beauty space – they introduced a store concept that provides one thing, and one thing only: blowouts. No haircuts, no dye sessions, and no extensions. You simply come in, sit down, and have your hair blown out and styled in under an hour.

5. Powell’s Books

Thrift stores have been all the rage for some time. Well, what about a bookstore that is based on the same concept? Powell’s Books accepts new and used books, providing them at more affordable rates for the bookworms of the world.


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